Al Sayed Group is directly involved with agriculture, growing, sourcing, and marketing of the premium quality products. By applying advanced technological facilities and effective supply chain system, we minimize the gap among the retailers, consumers, and grower.

Apart from the ample scope for collecting fresh veggies from various suppliers in Saudi Arabia, we are now farming many vegetables and fruits to ensure the highest quality. We have created various Argo-climatic zones that allow us to offer most of the vegetables all over the year. Our farming project covers 6,07,0285 Sq. meters of land.

The growing organic vegetables in the hydroponic farm

As we cannot compromise the quality and safety of the products, it is maintained so in our farming. One of our policies is to use a minimum amount of pesticide. We use a little amount of pesticide which is mandatory for the plants. We also use drones and other technological advancements to monitor farming. s

A highly-skilled and professional group of members from the biological agent and integrated pest managers are assigned to evaluate the plant and crop protection. They are responsible for managing plant diseases, weeds and other pests (both vertebrate and invertebrate) that damage agricultural crops and forestry. Therefore, the professional body judiciously and sensibly handled to protect the crop and its production by appropriate pest management or spraying chemical pesticide.

We believe that it is our duty to ensure the safety of the food that we are providing to our customers. Alsayed Group constantly monitors and evaluates the present farming situation to implement new innovations and technologies for further development.

From our social responsibility and commitment, Alsayed Group is now consciously farming agricultural plants and veggies, and picked the fresh vegetables by hand and supply the fresh veggies to the local clients.

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