The right storage of goods of all kinds is as well part of our range of services. We use our partner’s services if there is a lack of space in our own warehouse or vice versa. Even dangerous goods are in good hands with us.

Skilled personnel, as in every other service area, see to it that your confided goods are dealt with a professional way.

Excellent Warehousing service is an integral part of your logistics. Al Syed Group strategically developed many warehouses in the region to ensure the easy access of various retailers. Among these warehouses, some warehouses have cold storage facilities.

All these warehouses are used to store different types of goods and commodities such as dry fruits, groceries, and other premium products.

All the warehouses are monitored strictly with CCTV camera and the expert professionals follow the standard and national regulatory rules. They also monitor the inventory control management and shipment of the supplier’s products to selling to the retailers.

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