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Ongoing Projects of Al Sayed Group and Future Plan

  • Have already imported and exported high-quality products for decades.
  • We also executed Infrastructure Projects such as Ports, Bridges, Flyovers, and Roads.
  • Reclamation & Capital Dredging Projects are also going on.
  • High-Speed Patrol and Pilot Boats are constructed in the ongoing projects.
  • Al Sayed group also provides maintenance Offshore Supply Vessels, Rigs and Multipurpose Vessels.
  • Started implementing the plan of Power Projects.
  • Will start our journey into the tourism industry soon.
  • Indian farm project is also going well.

Indian Farm Project


The inauguration of our Indian farm project has started in Maharashtra in over 7 acres of land with our India JV partner. We have analyzed land for a long time to find suitable land and finally come to find more than 2,83,280 Sq. meters of land which will be the largest indoor farming projects in India and can provide the career opportunity for more than 600 people.  We have prepared the whole land as a greenhouse that is designed to protect the plants from cold weather.

Our international Argo consultants from Jordan, France, UAE & India are continuously trying to increase plant safety and food hygiene. Highest quality seeds are imported from the Netherlands. Our vision is to ensure the highest quality vegetables in both the domestic and international market.

Our next target is to use more than 1500 acre of lands and to create job opportunities for more than 3000 people in India in the packaging and other units.

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