Products from the Philippines

You will be amazed to know that the number of Philippines lived only in Saudi Arabia is 1,020,000. If you calculate the number of Philippines in MENA region, it will increase higher such as the approximate number of Philippines lived in the United Arab Emirates are 679,819, in Qatar the population is more than 195,558, in Kuwait, the number is 250,000, and more. So, there is a steady demand for Philippine products in the region. The Philippines commodities are not only popular among the Philippines people but also well-known to the other inhabitants of the region.

So to fulfill the demand of the Philippine community, we import more than 600 products from the Philippines including canned Sardines, Sauces, Unilever Products, Mamasita Products, Cheese Spread, Chips, Nuts, Crackers, Noodles, Candies, Cookies, Biscuits, Cake, Soups, Drinks, and more. Apart from these, Al Sayed Group also imports the popular Bottle product named Nata De Coco which is a complimentary drink made from coconut water by using bacteria Acetobacter Xylinum for the fermentation process. This drink is extremely popular not only among the people in the region but also in the global community.

All these Philippines products are distributed to the A grade and B grade supermarkets along with the individual sellers.

Indian Products

The number of Indian lived in the region is higher than the Philippines. In fact, it is the largest foreign community in Saudi Arabia. The estimated population of Indian people in Saudi Arabia is 4,100,000 in 2017. Just forget about the MENA region, if you only consider the Indian people in Saudi Arabia, the demand for Indian goods are extreme.

So, to meet the demand, we are committed to importing premium Indian products to serve the Indian community in the region and to introduce the taste of Indian foods to the other people of the countries.

Indian spices are popular worldwide. Aastha Brand is one of the best and well-known brands for spices. Al Sayed Group is the sole distributor of the brand in Saudi Arabia. We also import various types of Whole Spices, Blended Spices, Instant Mix, Chutneys, Pickles, a wide range of Snacks items and Grocery Products from India. Additionally, we are nominated distributors of Parle –G biscuits.

Products from Thailand

Thailand is popular for exporting rice. Even a significant portion of the Thai economy depends on agriculture, especially on rice. Al Sayed group imports the top branded rice of Thailand such as Jasmine Rice, and Glutinous Rice. Moreover, we also import various canned products from Thailand.

China Products

In China, noodles are considered a staple cuisine. We are happy to say that we supply various popular Chinese Egg noodles along with Dark Soy Sauce.

Products from Vietnam

We import different types of Vietnamese rice brands and spices such as anise seeds.

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