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Al Sayed Group is one of the largest and oldest food commodities trading services in Saudi Arabia. The company boasts about its excellent services and food products. The company also develops its financial strategies to achieve a global position that starts with trading in many countries in the MENA region.

With a vision to ensure world-class products, commodities and Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) in the MENA region, Mr. Mohammed Alsayed founded the company. Through his right leadership and decision, the company now expands its business in many areas. As time passes, the company includes technological advancements to ensure effective buying and selling experience.

The company consciously recruits the best candidates for various positions such as designers, Marketing and Sales Executives, Logistics personnel, and others. The skilled members are continually improving the standard and reputation of the company. Apart from these, the company also provides training to make the employees more skilled and professional.  The quality managers test various parameters of the products to ensure the highest quality products to our customers.

Mainly, Alsayed Group has two business lines:

  •  Spices, Dry Fruits, Sugar, and Pulses Division
  •  Distributor for packaged food for Indian and Filipino consumers.

Both the business services are popular in the MENA region. Spices, Dry Fruits, Sugar, and Pulses Division have become a brand among the people in this region while the packaged food distribution is also well known among the Indian and Filipino customers.

Apart from the food commodities, Alsayed Group now expands its business lines in diverse areas such as Cold Storage, Farming, Foodstuff, Warehousing, Real Estate & Development, Shipping & Logistics, and Customs Clearance etc.

  • Ensure customer satisfaction and acquire the ability to take the right judgment in any situation.
  • We Do not compromise about the quality of the product.
  • By monitoring the progress of the buying and selling and customers feedback, we ensure a well-structured performance driven environment.
  • Try our best to maintain ethical standards in aspects of our business.
  • Always ready to take responsibility for what we did and try to amalgamate honesty, integrity, and accountability in business.
  • One of the secrets of becoming successful for a long time is the continuous intention for improving our overall service.
  • Ensure healthy, safe, secure, stress-free and friendly environment for our employees as we believe good work is only possible in a healthy environment.
  • We aim to build a good and long-term relationship with our partners and try to maximize the business output collaboratively.
  • We ensure the high return of the investment to our stakeholders.
  • Create job opportunities in local as well as the global community.

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