Spices, Dry Fruits, Sugar and Pulses Division

“ALSAYED GOLD” is a Saudi Arabia based brand that was established ten years ago, in March 2003. It is now a reputed brand in the field of spices, dry fruits, and sugar and pulse division in Saudi Arabia. We are responsible for processing, packaging, and bulk supplying of the above-mentioned goods and we ensure the highest quality products in the region.  Because of continually keeping the product quality standard, the company has reached its popularity not only in the MENA region but also in other CIS countries that are now planning to trade from us.

We import the branded products from all over the world by ensuring and validating the quality and standard of the product and then export the products in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. We do not compromise in quality. Rather we are very strict about quality and test the sample products and proceed for further trade. The raw materials and other food samples are tested in various parameters to ensure the highest quality products to our consumers. One of the renowned Indian brands “Parle” Biscuits and Confectionery is re-exported by us.

Our Objectives

Our primary objective is to ensure quality branded spices, dry fruits, sugar, and pulses at a reasonable price.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a pioneering and trust-worthy brand name that will build a strong and long-term relationship with the customer for generation after generation.

Our Strength

Our strength is our commitment to the respected customers. We not only commit to the customers but also ensure quality services to them. And that is the reason for our reputation and popularity from the beginning of the company. Now, our company has completed ten successful years and there are miles of paths to go.

Key Features

  • One of the largest and oldest foodstuffs importers in Saudi Arabia.
  • Ensures diversity yet quality products from various countries.
  • Strong logistics and supply chain management system within the company.
  • Strong international growth strategy and financial strength.
  • A decentralized decision-making team that ensures good management system.
  • Excellent Human resource management that not only maintains the good management within the company but also ensures global reputation.
  • Imports quality products from all over the world.
  • Emphasis is given on customer satisfaction, development and retention through continuous monitoring and loyalty process within the Middle East.
  • Constant innovation and quality are ensured through continuous product research and investment research.


We provide quality products from all over the world: USA, Canada, Brazil, Thailand, Vietnam, India, and Germany.  We also ensure cost efficiency along with the productive and conscious use of the resources.

Logistics and Distribution

The Logistics and re-distribution center of AlSyed Group has played a prominent role in Saudi Arabia’s emergence of the commercial and trading hub of the Middle East. The Alsayed family proudly presents seven warehouses measuring 36,000 square ft. where four warehouses have cold storage facilities for storing spices, dry fruits, and other foodstuffs. These warehouses are situated in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and provide well-equipped logistics and material handling systems along with advanced technological systems and security systems.


Our main mission and vision are to ensure quality products at an affordable price so that you can find the best products from other countries easily here in this MENA region. A great number of skilled and highly-trained employees are assigned to ensure and evaluate the quality, packaging, processing, and purchasing of the foodstuffs. ALSAYED GROUP FOODSTUFF DOES NOT COMPROMISE IN QUALITY. The company is also constantly researching about new products and on-demand products to ensure the maximum customer satisfaction and needs.

Facts about ALSAYED Group Food Stuff

  • ALSAYED GROUP FOODSTUFF has become a brand not only in Saudi Arabia but also in the other countries of the MENA region.
  • Enjoy the branded and popular high-quality imported products from USA, Canada, Brazil, Thailand, Vietnam, India, and Germany.
  • Proudly runs the business for a decade.
  • Located in the center point of the Gulf region.
  • Fast shipping and on-time shipment.

Our Commitment

Alsayed Group is committed to ensuring the highest quality product to its customers at a reasonable price. One of our commitments is to provide excellent customer satisfaction and to meet the needs of our valuable customers. For these reasons, we analyze the needs of our customers constantly and research the products to fulfill customer’s demand. We only offer the highest quality product.

So, our commitment to our clients is to deliver a premium quality in the region. We are also planning to expand our business worldwide.

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