Indian and Filipino Food Division

Indian and Filipino foods are one of popular food and spices around the world. AlSyed Group is one of the largest and growing food distributors of Indian and Filipino foods, commodities and goods in the MENA region.

Starting in 1991, AlSayed Group successfully imports and distributes FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods or Consumer Packaged Goods) across Saudi Arabia such as dried and processed foods, noodles, spices, prepared meals, drinks, etc. After doing lots of research about the customer needs and market value, we have selected the best available brands and then import those products. Currently, we have imported products from Philippine, Thailand, China, India, Vietnam, USA, and other countries. Right now, Alsayed group has more than 1000 international products.


Because of the great number of Indian and Philippines community in the region, we have imported a great number of Indian spices and Philippines noodles, nuts, cheese, canned and other processed foods.  Apart from these, we have retailers all over Saudi Arabia that made it easy to ensure your countries products just near to your home.

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